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A personal DEvelopment programme for Women

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Are you a mother who has taken a career break to raise your children? Perhaps you now wondering if and how you might return to work?  You might well be facing hurdles such as how to get started and where to look for jobs, as well as having doubts about whether your skills and experiences are still relevant.

Or are you feeling a bit stuck in your current role and wondering how to make the move to a more rewarding professional life?

Use Your Potential is a personal development programme for women who are at a transition point in life, and who need inspiration, guidance and support to unlock and make the most of their potential.

Through a series of workshops and/or individual coaching sessions, we help you work out what matters, what changes you need to make to achieve a fulfilling personal and work life and support you to create a plan and make it happen. 


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A new series of workshops will start in 2018

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Our Approach


We believe that a truly rewarding and fulfilling life can only be achieved through accessing, and using your unique potential. The first step in refocusing your life is to get to know yourself again. With greater self awareness you can create a personal and professional life that uses your unique strengths and talents. 


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Where it all Started

I created this programme based on my personal experience of trying to create a fulfilling personal and professional life after having children, and not wanting, or feeling capable of, 'returning' to my old career in PR. People often mentioned my 'great potential' but I had lost my self-belief and ability to access or use it. I struggled to find anyone or anything to support or inspire me until I finally enrolled on a personal development programme for women. This sparked a lasting passion for personal growth and so I retrained as a coach. After listening to so many other women voice similar challenges as they considered a return to work, I decided to create this programme to offer support and practical help to others. I want to help other women access and use their full potential.