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Upcoming Workshops

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start in 2018


The Use Your Potential programme consists of a series of workshops and/or coaching sessions designed to support you through different stages of change, and ultimately help you live a life that makes full use of your potential. We believe it is vital to pause, reflect and assess before jumping into action and so we  start by creating awareness about where you are now in your personal and professional life and how you might create a more compelling and fulfilling vision for yourself (Taking Stock). We then move on to to examine your strengths and experiences, and whether these are being fully utilised, as well as detecting beliefs that might be inhibiting you (Strengths & Barriers). The final session (Making it Happen) is more individual and is designed to create an individual action plan to meet your ambitions and goals.  This three part series can be taken individually or in sequence. For full details, see below. 

The workshops are all highly interactive and action orientated, and we work individually, in pairs and as a full group.  We use a mixture of coaching tools, NLP techniques and visualisations, as well as discussion, to gain insight and understanding.

Much of the feedback we have received so far acknowledges “the bonding feeling of sisterhood” that comes from sharing experiences. That said, attendees are encouraged to share only what feels comfortable, and to honour the confidentiality of all others in the group.

Each workshop includes an introductory call beforehand, refreshments and materials,  and finally a follow-up coaching call at a time that suits you best. We run the workshops in different formats  - either full day and 2 x half days, supported by individual coaching sessions as needed.


Taking Stock 

The aim of this workshop is to create the space for you to discover what is most important to you right now, what gives you energy, and how you could make immediate changes in your life to allow more time for these things. We look at your vision for your life, examine your values and start creating a roadmap for change. The workshop also includes a profiling exercise using the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) tool. The MBTI provides a constructive and flexible framework for understanding individual differences and strengths. 

Costs: £125 including mbti profiling Report

(discounts are available for introducing a friend to the programme & for those who have attended a taster session) 


Strengths & Barriers 

We delve deep to explore the key challenges you are currently facing, and sharpen your focus on what is really getting in the way.  We also work with you to identify capacities and strengths you  may be under-using, and establish a plan to help you begin to put these to work. 

Timing: 10am-4pm

Costs: £125 (discounts are available for introducing a friend to the programme) 


Making it Happen

We focus on pulling together everything you have learned – to design an inspiring and achievable personal vision. We support you to reflect on what has worked for you over the programme, and create an action plan to embed and leverage this even more in your life. 

Timing: 10am-4pm

next workshop: dates tbc

Costs: £125 (discounts are available for introducing a friend to the programme) 


Free Taster

We know we can make a dramatic difference in your life, but we also know that your resources are valuable and you may not be certain if this is for you. Before you invest, we invite you to join us for a free 90 minute taster session.  You will get first hand experience of our working methods while starting to explore who and where you are now and where you would love to be.